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  • Explain the differences between green and blue hydrogen.
  • Help me pick the best type of polymer for outdoor applications.
  • Tell me about the benefits and shortcomings of benchtop NMR.
  • List best practices for clean-room maintenance in nanotechnology labs.
  • Show me the major suppliers of Raman spectrometers.
  • Write a review of the current state of research in stem cell therapy.
  • How does ocean acidification affect carbon capture and storage methods?
  • Create a timeline of key milestones in the development of quantum computing.
  • Write a roadmap for transitioning to a circular economy.
  • Create a glossary of essential terms in NDT.
  • Discuss the limitations of current battery technologies for electric vehicles.

What is Azthena AI?

Azthena is a Large Language Model (LLM) AI chatbot that finds scientific answers from the “commercial science” content provided by AZoNetwork.

Use Azthena as your scientific assistant to find news, articles, equipment reviews and much more. Unlike other LLM’s that are trained “on the internet”, Azthena locates and references content that can be trusted as it has been subject to Editorial approvals from the AZoNetwork team.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base Azthena locates content from over 20 years of edited and fact-checked AZoNetwork content, providing trusted answers from an expanding range of scientific sectors.
  • Interactive Learning and Easy Access As you interact with Azthena you are provided with references that have been reviewed and edited by the AZoNetwork Editorial Team. A click through to the open-access AZoNetwork content also provides the opportunity to contact related suppliers or request further information.
  • Building a Community for Commercial Scientists is intended to be a resource for all involved in the commercialization of science. Providing researchers, product managers and Tech Transfer managers with the ideal platform to transfer their science from the lab to people who can make a difference. Send a summary of your research, new product or related services to [email protected].
  • Fill the Gaps with Your Content If you feel Azthena has not provided the answers you were looking for and you have confirmed expertise in the area, send a summary of your research, new product or related services to [email protected] and our team will review and upload once approved.

What subjects does AZoScience cover?

Although we are always expanding our footprint, we currently cover: