Find answers to common queries about how Azthena AI works, its features, and how it can assist you in your scientific pursuits.


Who are you?

We're the team from azonetwork.com, a suite of science-based websites that attract over 10m unique visitors per month with a subscriber base of over 1m science interested individuals. What do you do? We provide open access to scientific, medical and technology-related content that allows engineers, designers, and scientists to do their jobs better.

Why have you created AZoScience and Azthena?

We recognized that there was a need for a science-based “reliable and trustworthy AI chatbot”. With the breadth and depth of content we carry across all the sites in the AZoNetwork, we’re now able to provide “AZoScience.com powered by Azthena AI”. A Large Language Model (LLM) AI chatbot that finds scientific answers from the “commercial science” content provided by AZoNetwork.

What are the options at the bottom of the page?

The Brief to Detailed options allow you to select shorter or longer answer responses. The thumbs up and thumbs down icon allows you to provide us with feedback on the quality of answer Azthena has provided. The message box allows you to provide direct feedback.


Where there are gaps in the knowledge base, can I provide content to be included?

Absolutely. Send it to [email protected] and we'll put it through our editorial process. If it's approved, we'll upload it and give you full credit.

What if I can't find the answer I'm looking for?

If we don't have original content to answer your prompt or questions, we won't be able to provide you with an answer, and we'll tell you that. Equally, we're looking to develop a community of trusted scientists, and accordingly, if you have content available that answers your questions, we'd be happy to include it in our editorial process and give you full credit. Of course, we'll only upload it after our editors have checked your content.

The response is outdated, what can I do?

Currently Azthenas LLM retrieval does not work well with regards to date-related searching. Although you can do that using the search function on any of the underlying AZoNetwork sites: AZoNetwork's Websites

Example Prompts

  • What are the key elements in stainless steel 316?
  • What causes crevice corrosion?
  • What is the hardness and density of gold?
  • What's the hardness of gold using the Vickers scale?
  • Why have ceramic fuel cells not been commercialized successfully?
  • Provide me with an 800 word summary on the key properties and applications of Y-TZP zirconia ceramics.
  • What is beta-Sialon? What is its structure and where is it used?
  • What type of non-destructive testing (NDT) should I use to detect weld-related cracks in offshore piping installations?
Topical Issues
  • What are some of the problems with Lithium-ion batteries?
  • What are the differences in green and blue hydrogen?
Commercial Suppliers
  • (Detailed) Provide a list of the major particle size analysis manufacturers.
  • Who are the major suppliers of Raman spectrometers?
  • What are the key attributes of the Malvern Zetasizer?
  • Provide a summary of the key principles of how a Raman spectrometer operates.
Help me do my job
  • Write me a press release highlighting the key example benefits of using a certain type of Raman spectrometer. Write it in the style of a marketing manager with a high-impact punchy style.


Do you work with OpenAI?

Your prompt questions will be uploaded to OpenAI but they will not be used for training purposes. Your prompts will be stored for 30 days to handle any disputes. The related OpenAI privacy terms apply alongside the AZoNetwork Privacy and Cookie Terms and overall Terms and Conditions.